The Spirit of Casey Moore’s

It’s no secret in and around Tempe, that “Our House” has a mysterious history. In the wee hours of the morning, passers-by have seen a woman dressed in “turn of the century” clothing dancing in our upstairs dining room. Articles disappear and suddenly show up in odd places. Neck ties are “tugged” and objects become weightless However, strange this may seem to some, the spirits that linger in this old establishment are “family” to us here at Casey’s.

Casey Moore was born in 1886 to Irish immigrants. She grew up singing and playing the piano. Friends and neighbors would hear the music and would often gather at her house. All were welcome there. Her love for good times, good food and good friends still lingers and if you try, you can feel her presence too. It’s in the sound of laughter and in the hearts of all who participate in a little “spirit” here at Casey Moore’s. On behalf of all our staff, we welcome you to “our house”.